Internationalization of Projectiology (Free Book Chapter)

By Tony D’Andrea

Founded in Brazil by the mid-1980s, Projectiology as an organization for the study of out-of-body experiences and the paranormal has expanded across the country and also internationally: Argentina, USA, UK, Spain, Portugal and even China.

My sociological analysis of its international strategies has been published as a chapter in the book “The Diaspora of Brazilian Religions” (Brill, 2013), a scholarly compilation of various religious, spiritual and parascientific cases.

It is my pleasure to offer the study on Projectiology, so anyone may find out more about the international growth of this emerging parascience.

Click here for a free PDF of the article “Internationalization of Projectiology”


One Response to Internationalization of Projectiology (Free Book Chapter)

  1. Thank you Tony, very clarifying. Your idea of “niche globalization” is extremely relevant.

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